Castelo de Vide

It is known as the "Sintra of the Alentejo" and dazzles all who visit it. These are the best places to visit in Castelo de Vide and surroundings.


At the top of the Serra de São Mamede is one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal. These are the best places to visit in and around Marvão.


Elvas is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal and, together with Évora, stands out in the Alentejo region and a few kilometres from the border with Spain. Visit the largest fortified city in Europe and recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Valência de Alcantara (Espanha)

Valencia de Alcántara is a municipality in the district of Serra de San Pedro. It is located west of the province of Cáceres, on the border with Portugal.


Our Quinta is located in the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, one of the 18 natural parks in Portugal. The highest point of Serra de São Mamede is Pico, with 1025 meters high, and is easily accessible on foot. In the Nordic (Atlantic) part of the park we see mainly oaks, meek chestnut trees and oaks. To the south, the vegetation is clearly Mediterranean in character, with the cork oak and oak groves. Especially in the central part of the park the slopes have been in the last hundred years, for commercialization, planted with pines and eucalyptus.

The park has a wide variety of birds. Various types of eagles, vultures and white and black storks. But also bee-eaters and bustards big and small.

A large number of large mammals live in the park in the wild, including deer, wild boar, foxes, otters and the Geneta. The park is also one of the few places in Portugal where the Iberian lynx is still present.